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Importation of Containers into the UK 31/01/19

Over the last decade container trade had increased by 1 million units a year - on average, that is 481.8 million tonnes of cargo passing through UK ports each year. In the UK 95% of all our imports & exports are done by sea, and so you wouldn’t be surprised that one-fifth of all port freight traffic around the world passes through UK Ports.


            There are roughly 20 million containers worldwide, 6 million of which are being shipped around the world. Their journey, however, might not always be made by sea, they might also be transported by truck or train. On average each container will be used for 200 trips per year.


            Kinship are keen to utilise these containers in the best way possible. Their partnership with Halo- Value Added, situated in the Port of London Gateway’s Logistics Park gives them the upper hand on reducing food miles and cutting CO2 emissions.


Located just 1.2 miles from the Port of London Gateway, Halo are able to cut the long journey of their fresh produce from Port to packing, ripening or distribution facility. As a result, drivers take a very small percentage of their time to transport a container from port to facility, this allows Kinship to use all their drivers to the best of their time available.