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Keeping your cool on the road 12/06/18

Keeping your cool on the road

When the weather is warm, it can affect all aspects of our lives.Heatwaves, like the recent hot spell we’ve been experiencing, not only cause problems for our sleeping arrangements, but also for the food we eat. Be it food on the shelves or served up in our cafés, it is especially significant in today’s everyday 24/7 365 business landscape.

Improvements to food distribution

Efficiencies through automation can bring improvements in the speed and process of the food items leaving the manufacturer. Finding new ways to distribute and deliver food at the right temperature and in the right time however, takes new thinking combined with years of best practice. Old-fashioned outdated methods of distribution and dispatch can limit the shelf life of food items. Therefore, finding the right distribution partner is the key link in the logistic chain.

3 important traits of the right distribution partner

Capability. When selecting a prospective logistics provider, look for competence in the specific service areas that meet your company’s needs. If you need to keep food at the right temperature and extend its shelf life, look for state of the art multi temperature-controlled technology that provides efficient cost-effective services.

Customer service. The partner is responsible for your items hitting their distribution schedules. Professionalism across the driving force cannot be overlooked, and any failings in customer service could impact the quality of your items. 

Reputation. How a distributor treats its suppliers and employees, and behaves within their community will help to determine how they might be as a partner. Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews. 

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