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Women HGV Drivers 13/03/19

A Truck Driver is a very stereotypical job category when asked to describe a truck driver most people will think of a man rather than a woman. This is likely to be because it’s estimated that out of the 285,000 lorry drivers in the UK only 1.2% are women. It’s also been reported that in the whole of Pakistan there is only one female lorry Driver.

 As the transport industry is growing there is becoming an increasing driver shortage. As the population grows and we require more goods up and down the country this means more trucks are required to be on the road. We feel this is a prime opportunity for women drivers to step in and enjoy the benefits of a driving career. Most don’t realize but the driving industry has become a much more comfortable place to work in.

More of the modern trucks have much more comfortable cabs, meaning overnight stays are easier for drivers and the long hour spent driving, are more pleasant. Compared to a couple of years ago the place that lorry drivers call their workplace is a lot more enjoyable to be in.

A truck drivers’ job has changed a lot and normally involves less manual labour which makes the job more desirable for everyone, including the current vehicles which are a lot easier to drive thanks to new technology. The variety of work that is available for the drivers is also a lot more varied which means every day is different.

 We have never seen it written down that driving a lorry is only a man’s job and actively encourage female drivers to get in touch!